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Write pages to practice your writing. Review cards to practice your vocabulary. Combine the two to learn from your mistakes.

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Expand your vocabulary with flashcards. Creating cards with words and sentences from your own context helps you focus on the things that are most relevant to you.

Card with translations and text-to-speech (screenshot)

Effortless Creating

Get translations and text-to-speech out-of-the-box. Less time spent on creating cards, and more on learning them.

Spaced repetition progress (screenshots)

Spaced Repetition

Learn more efficiently by reviewing your cards over time. Harder cards come up more, and easy cards come up less.


Practice by using what you know and discovering what you don’t. Writing text forces you to actively remember words and grammar instead of merely recognize them, forming longer-lasting memories.

Translation dropdown in pages editor (screenshot)

Instant Translations

Translate words or sentences straight from the editor, and insert it right into your text. Just in case of doubt.

Page with spell checker corrections (screenshot)

Automatic Corrections

Get feedback on your writing once you’re done, and save corrected text as cards to learn from your mistakes.


Stay motivated by coloring in days or extending your streak. Review cards or write pages to make a day count. It doesn’t matter how much—as long as you start.


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